Manufacturing Unit

At JK Woods, we believe that every space has a unique tale to tell. Our high-quality products intertwine with these narratives, casting us as central characters in the shaping of these spaces. With a legacy carved out of years of experience in manufacturing, we’ve ascended to the position of a preferred partner for a wide array of industry professionals, ranging from Contractors and Architects to Interior Designers, Builders, E-Tailers, and Retailers.

Our power emanates from our knack for understanding customer needs, crafting tailor-made products, and customizing our services to suit every individual requirement. Set up in 2009, JK Woods sprawls across an expansive area of 70,000 sq ft. Outfitted with cutting-edge machinery, we stand as a testament to modern manufacturing prowess.

Strategically nestled in Vellore, our location has been a critical factor in our success. It has allowed us to extend our reach across the entire southern market, fulfilling the needs of our esteemed clientele. Join us, as we continue to shape stories, one space at a time!

Are you ready to transform your space with custom-made furniture that perfectly complements your style and needs?. Get in touch with us and skilled craftsmen are here to guide you through the creative process, from concept to reality.